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Best Double Stroller 2014 - Best Stroller Reviews

Combi Double Stroller

Combi Double Stroller – A Review

The most neglected and also trickiest aspect of managing twins is moving them around. It would be a great inconvenience for the parent trying to do shopping or run an errand with babies in tow. Certainly, you cannot carry both, and baby carriers are only good to carry one of them. This is when you need a combi double stroller.

The combi double stroller comes in two basic designs; the tandem design and the side-by-side design. The tandem design is the one where the stroller seats line up one behind the other like in a tandem bicycle. The side-by-side design has the babies sitting beside each other in strollers facing the same direction. Usually, parents prefer the one that suits their need.

Besides the stroller design, things that parents need look for should include stroller’s weight and size. It is likely that you will need to move the stroller into your car, and then unfolding them when you need to carry your babies along. Hence, it is important to buy a stroller that fits into your car as well as your storage space at home.

One of the top-of-the-line twin strollers is the combi double stroller. The difference between a twin stroller and a regular tandem stroller is that the former can seat your babies side by side facing the front, while a double tandem stroller can seat them one behind the other.

The choice is entirely yours to decide whether you need a combi double stroller or a tandem double stroller. While some prefer the side-by-side design, others prefer the tandem design. The combi double stroller passes easily through a doorway.

The combi double stroller can be folded and unfolded in flat 5 seconds. It incorporates infant safety boots to accommodate newborns. It also has a breathable air-mesh fabric and washable seat cushions. The wide seats recline to several positions for comfort while babies are riding or napping.

Some of the other great features of the combi double stroller include the following:

  • Each seat supports weight of up to 45 lb
  • Steel frame provides strong support
  • The 5-point harness system protects children by fastening them securely.
  • Seats recline to multiple positions
  • Footrests are provided for toddlers comfort
  • Adjustable canopies have viewing windows and storage pockets.
  • The large storage basket holds snacks, blankets and other childcare accessories
  • Canopies have a pocket for keeping necessities
  • Child safety boots help ensure safety and security
  • Folds and unfolds within seconds
  • Guardrails can be opened for easier access to children
  • Seat cushions may be removed for convenient cleaning
  • Strong carry strap helps transport the stroller from one place to another
  • Air-mesh fabric promotes airflow
  • Dimensions: 33.3″lx29.8″wx39.3″h (open); 24.5″lx16.3″wx40.5″h (closed)
  • Weight: 22.3 lb
Strollers also come with various accessories. It all really depends on how you intend to use them. Since strollers are all about moving babies around, maneuverability is a key requirement. The wheel design is an important part of your overall stroller functionality.


City Select Double Stroller

City Select Double Stroller – A Review

The City Select Double Stroller by Baby Jogger is a top-of-the-line tandem double stroller that offers great seating options and easy maneuverability. When parents go looking for a stroller, what they look for first is safety and comfort of the child. Baby Jogger’s City Select Double Stroller comes out a flyer in this. It basically starts as a single stroller but easily converts to a double stroller as the family grows.

Single to Double Stroller in a Jiffy: Baby Jogger’s City Select Double Stroller starts as a single stroller for your child. But as your newborn comes, you can easily attach an infant seat or a bassinet or a full seat to convert it into a double stroller. What is more, you have 16 seating options to choose from while positioning the two seats. As the children keep growing the Double Stroller remains relevant as it can easily hold two toddlers up to 45lbs each.

Safety First: Baby Jogger’s City Select Double Stroller comes with a five point safety harness complete with shoulder pads and comfy buckle. The rear wheel braking can be done manually. The wheels are forever-air types that never go flat and make pushing easy.

Comfort for the Baby: Baby Jogger’s City Select Double Stroller comes with deep padded seating for your child, so that there is no problem if you have to go out for a longer duration. The seat reclines in multiple positions, that too at the click of a single button. Earlier a full recline was not possible for Baby Jogger’s City Select Double Stroller but that has been taken care of in the 2011 model. Of course, the degree of recline will depend on positioning of the two seats in case of double stroller. If both the seats are forward facing or facing the parents, the range of recline will be limited for the forward seat. If both seats are facing each other, both seats can be reclined fully.

Comfort for You: Folding and Unfolding of Baby Jogger’s City Select Double Stroller is easy and quick as it comes with Baby Jogger’s patented Quick-Fold technology. Just two levers for folding need to be rolled and the Stroller collapses by itself. Then you can snap it in position with a manual lock. The size of the fold would be bulkier for the double than the single stroller but it still goes into and comes out of the car easily. The weight of the stroller is on the lighter side, approx 28lbs, making it easy to handle. The handles for pushing are also adjustable for the short or the tall parent.

Sun Canopy: The sun canopy of Baby Jogger’s City Select Double Stroller can be adjusted to two positions. The lower canopy offers 21’’ headroom while the upper one offers 24’’ headroom. So as your baby grows taller, you just need to push the canopy up a little.

Storage Space: Each seat comes with its own big storage basket as well as side pouches to hole your child’s knick knacks. The seats are also equipped with accessory mounting brackets to hold attachments like snack tray.

The Last Word: Baby Jogger’s City Select Double Stroller is the most practical, stylish and easy-to-use tandem double stroller available. A must for any new parent looking for high end double strollers.


Best Double Stroller For 2 Children

Best Double Stroller

A Double Stroller is one of the most important investments that a parent makes for a baby. So everyone is asking what the best double stroller in the market is. Well, the answer is not so simple. It depends on individual requirements and what suits them best. These are some of the considerations in every parent’s mind while choosing a double stroller, the best one for her:

  1. Style – Tandem or Side by Side Seating
  2. Safety – 3 point harness, 5 point harness or better
  3. Child’s comfort – Seat, Sun Canopy, Reclining position, etc.
  4. Ease of use – Folding/Unfolding, Size, Weight, Maneuverability
  5. Storage space
  6. Price
So, when we talk of the best double stroller, there can be more than one best. Let’s first look at the tandem double stroller.

City Select Stroller by Baby Jogger: Baby Jogger’s City Select Stroller is the best tandem stroller available in the market. Priced at approx. $500, it offers great seating comfort to your child in great style. It comes with a 5 point safety harness, plush seats that can recline fully and adjustable sun canopy. The City Select Stroller starts basically as a single stroller to which an extra seat can be added when the next baby comes along. There are multiple seating positions available, as is the type of seat that can be attached. You can add a bassinet, an infant car seat or a full seat. . Two kids with a maximum of 90lbs can be supported in the stroller.  Folding and unfolding the City Select Stroller is easy and compact. Moving about or turning in less space is also possible. The storage basket is sufficient to hold everything that your babies’ need. In the end, the best double stroller if you want a posh tandem style stroller.

Next, let’s take a look at the best side by side double stroller.

Combi Sport Twin Stroller: Combi Sport Twin Stroller is easily the best double stroller in this style. At approx. $225, the Combi Sport Twin Stroller offers great value for money. It comes with a 5 point harness as also infant safety boots for the newborn. It has wide and deep comfy seats that recline to multiple positions to provide comfort to your child. It has adjustable sun canopy to meet the requirements of your growing child. The Combi Sport Twin Stroller is lightweight and has small wheels to provide fast and easy turning on smooth surfaces. Despite the width, it fits easily through most standard doors. There is sufficient storage space for you to keep your babies’ things. Even the sun canopy has side pockets to hold toys etc. So, Combi Sport Twin Stroller is the best double stroller if you want a side by side double stroller.

We have discussed the two best double strollers for you based on the style of the seats. Of course if you want to go only by the safety measures, or the terrain that the stroller runs best on, or pricing, you may have some other best double stroller specific to your own requirements. But we recommend you to go in for either of these products.


Sit And Stand Stroller

Sit-and-Stand Stroller

A stroller, one of the important purchases a parent can make, is useful for taking your kid on a walk, to the mall or to the zoo. A stroller should be durable and light-weight, besides incorporating other amenities. The choice becomes a bit more complicated when you want to use the stroller for more than one child.

A sit-and-stand stroller can make it a lot easier and certainly more enjoyable for both children and parents. One of the top brands of sit-and-stand strollers, which have received good reviews, is the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller.

An important feature of the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller is that several safety features are incorporated into the product. This sturdy and durable stroller can give your kids all the comfort and safety they deserve.

The stroller, a top-of-the-line product, locks into place securely every time. This tandem stroller has other safety features such as when the kids are buckled in with secure straps, its locking wheels will prevent rolling off in case you do not have your hands on it. The stroller has received high safety ratings.

Another important feature is that it is convenient, since it folds and unfolds easily. This makes it easier to carry it in the car and set it once you step out. Besides, since it is compact, it can be stored safely even in relatively a small area of your home.

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller can also save you some money, because you will not need to buy two separate strollers for each child. In short, it is an ideal stroller for two, but without the bulk of a twin stroller. Its unique design can accommodate an infant car seat in the front, while an older child sits on the rear bench or stands on the rear platform.

Here are a few important features of the sit-and-stand stroller:

  • Effortless and quick stroller folding
  • Large storage basket with side access
  • Carries the Baby Trend car seat
  • Older child can stand on the rear platform or sit on the bench
  • A child can also sit in the front seat without an infant carrier.
  • Removable child tray with a cup-holder
  • Ratcheting canopy for extra protection
  • Light and sturdy steel frame
  • A parent tray and two cup-holders
  • Infant car-seat adapter
  • 5-point child restraint safety system
  • Foot-activated rear brake
  • Folds compact for storage or travel

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller allows the rider to enjoy a comfortable standard seat, which can later be removed. When removed, the child can rest on a padded bench, facing the rear, which incorporates a safety belt system. The easier exit option allows parents the ability to give the older kid the freedom to move outside of the safety of the stroller and explore.

For the younger rider, the front seat features two positions, upright and reclined. The reclined position allows the younger rider to lounge easily. The stroller also has an infant car seat configuration, which permits the infant seat to be attached to the front location securely.